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Family Care and Corrective Chiropractic

Lower back adjustment

God designed your body perfectly, with amazing healing power contained within you. Your brain sends information down your spinal cord and out into your organs, tissues and cells—this information tells your heart to beat and your eyes to see, for example, and controls every structure and function of your body.

If the nerve to your heart was cut, your heart would stop beating. If the nerve to your heart is pinched or compressed, your heart will get sick. This is true of every nerve going to every part of your body.

Your spine is what protects your nervous system, and it must have the proper alignment so it doesn’t put pressure on the nerves. If there is pressure in the nervous system, your body will get sick. When we help to remove that pressure through gentle chiropractic care, your body can begin to heal.

Our Approach

At Victory Health Center, we are part of the MaxLiving® network of chiropractors focused on restoring optimal spinal health. Our chiropractors offer a variety of adjusting techniques that are tailored to each patient’s unique set of circumstances. These techniques include:

  • Activator Methods®
  • Arthrostim
  • CLEAR Institute
  • Diversified
  • Pierce
  • Thompson
  • Webster

In addition, we offer lumbar spinal decompression, as well as spinal rehab exercises you do at home to support your recovery.

Education Is Key

We want to empower our patients to understand how illness is created in the body, as well as what they can do to restore health and wellness. This includes explaining the cause of their condition and providing at-home exercises. It also includes information about the importance of eating a whole-food based diet and detoxifying both your body and your environment.

Our goal is to help you remove all of the physical, emotional and chemical stressors that impact your nervous system.

Get Started Today

We offer care for infants through seniors and customize our approach to each person’s particular needs and preferences. Contact us today to book an appointment for yourself or your family!

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